Outsourcing is not right for everyone. It may not be a good fit for organizations that are well-run with clean A/R and low overhead, or when an operation is very small, low volume, few third-party payers) . It might also not make sense when an organization is large enough to sustain an expansive internal business office staff specializing in defined components of the revenue cycle process.

However, even an efficiently run company may want to explore the potential benefits of outsourcing. An efficiently run organization may be very shortsighted, not receiving new ideas or information from the outside, and, therefore, not growing in knowledge. After all, standing still is going backward. Organizations facing a potential staff issue may want to consider outsourcing as a means to maintain efficiency. Many companies surround themselves with walls that prevent them from seeing the reality of the outside world.

Here is a list of functions that you may consider outsourcing:

  • IT
  • Marketing
  • shipping
  • warehousing
  • Human resources
  • Credit and Collections
  • Web Design

And many other areas.

  • PO Management
    Management Consulting

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